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    14 June 2010


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    Frank Derby

    There's Virgil's in Times Square, there's Sylvia's in Harlem, and there's another place in the teens whose name escapes me.

    Kristin Williams Rendezvous will Fedex you ribs.

    Chris Balch

    Sylvias in Harlem is soul food not barbecue. Completely different, although a necessary corralary to the need for good cue.

    Mustard and vinegar have no place in barbecue sauce as anything other than ingredients in ketchup.

    Beef can be barbecue under limited circumstances. Not saying always but there is always an exception that proves the rule as Ms. Maxwell used to say.

    Barbecue is about the smoke and low heat. If you are cooking over direct heat you are not barbecuing you are grilling, a completely different animal altogether.

    My best wishes to you on your hunt. I think you may end up in the Catskills before you find decent cue.

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