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    05 August 2010


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    Darren: I hate to rain on this parade of regional xenophobia, but slow-roasting whole pigs is just not commonly done in any northern city. You're no more likely to find folks debating the merits of "head on" versus "head off" in Chicago, Boston or Minneapolis than in New York. It's one of the lesser-known reasons we won the war, and it has nothing to do with vegetarian mafias. It's just not civilized. In the north, pork is consumed in many other ways, -- Italian sausage and bratwurst; chops; ham and, blessed be its name, bacon. You're just going to have to live. with. it.


    Maybe I missed something, but I didn't see anything about vegetarianism in the articles..? And I like pork as much as the next person, but I don't like having an entire chunk of a major street in my neighborhood closed off for its sake.

    Bob should do a bit of research, though. Italian sausage usually involves meat from a whole roasted pig. (Which is probably why the restaurant hosting the roast is called Il Buco and not, say, Jimbo's.)

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