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    29 October 2010


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    Busy Mom

    Krystal. Because it's Krystal. Ketchup? Really?


    I was just discussing the wonderful deliciousness that are White Castles earlier. The thought of mustard in White Castles made me recoil with an audible noise of disgust. So I would say you touched on something big with the mustard difference. Now, ketchup should not be served ON a White Castle, but rather dipped.

    In the past few years I have learned to, in an act that is surely blasphemy, order without onions. This alleviates the inevitable... ahem... issues that I assume accompanies both phylum of said hamburgers.

    I also see KY in green, but I can assure you that Louisville is SOLIDLY White Castle country.


    I think the green states are ones that have both Krystal and White Castle. I know driving through that when you get down to Corbin there's lots of Krystals.

    Sarah Banick

    I don't eat meat anymore, but I gotta admit that I preferred WC. I had my first ones in Kentucky at age 17. The excessive grease was part of the charm - they slid down your throat without even chewing. That same melt-in-your- mouth texture as Krispy Kreme donuts. For a while they were available in the Kroger frozen food section here in Atlanta; maybe they still are. But in my view, no grease has ever performed its mission as well as that of a Varsity onion ring!!!

    Hunter Marks

    Damn! Now I'm going to have to drive 50 miles to Newport TN to the nearest Krystal. White Castle?? Ketchup?? What vile concoction is that? Really enjoy your blog. But why does it always make me think of the movie "Soylent Green"?

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    Susan Atchley

    Yet another of the many differences between Northern and Southern palates....along with cornbread-Northern tastes sweet, like a cake while Southern is buttery, crispy and savory. South has cornbread dressing while the North makes theirs with bread. BBQ...tomato based or vinegar. Grits haven't crossed the Mason-Dixon line...and yes, it's Krystals for me!

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