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    10 November 2010


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    Only the financial "masters of the universe" can afford a "classic 6 room" or more. The rest of the country may be suffering from a downturn in realestate prices, but not New York.

    629 sq feet is a great size for an apartment. Enjoy!


    You have amazing storage space!

    Christian Traughber 

    I think New Yorkers are used to living in small apartments because it's a fast-paced city as people always rush. They don't usually store up food and stuff. It's a normal culture shock for some. Good for you to have found your new apartment now after a long search last year. Any plans of redecorating?

    Beatrice Norling

    Yeah, 629 sq. ft. of space is not bad for your apartment. The important thing is to maximize the use of your space. More room would be nice, of course. But if you can't have that, then you have to be a bit creative.

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